Send us the requirements for your windows that you are looking for and we will be happy to send you a quote.

• The highest quality materials
• Tested and proven hardware
• The latest in energy efficient low-e glass and glass packages.
• Over fifty years of manufacturing experience
• Dedicated and accountable quality control process
• The latest technologies to enhance the performance of the glass, hardware, and operation of the window

Our Manufacturer’s windows and doors are designed for the demands of western Canada’s extreme Manitoba conditions. From the intense cold of the north to the high winds that blow through the prairies, to the solitude and tranquility of northwestern Ontario, years after our windows and doors have been installed they continue to perform in a home owners biggest investment, their home.
The end result is, very few service issues and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Every window is made to fit your exact specifications, can be fully customized to fit the design of your home or business, tested to exceed industry standards and based on precise measurements taken on-site by our Preferred Dealer.

Standard Features
• High quality PVC frame members

• Multi chamber design adds strength and maximizes thermal performance

• Flexible compression seals

• Reinforcing recommended on larger or multiple units

• Strong fusion welded corners

• Architecturally sculpted exterior design

• Energy efficient glazing options

Types of Windows we offer:
Casement/Awnings and Fixed Windows
Horizontal Slider Windows
Single Hung Windows
Bay and Bow Windows

Each window is made to measure to fit your exact specifications. We tailor our windows and doors to fit your specific opening/requirement. Please contact one of our dealers to discuss sizes, configurations and the potential benefits of Humphrey Products “NXT Generation” Window Systems.
Choose from a combination of picture and fixed picture, casement or hung windows to fit your style and venting requirements. Or, let your imagination run wild and accentuate your home with geometrically shaped windows. Whichever you choose, count on Humphrey to build it with quality in mind!