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Brand Wuloo
Colour 1 receiver & 2 sensors
Power Source Solar,Battery Powered
Maximum range 30 Feet
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Number of batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
About this item
Reliable & Dependable: 1/3-mile long range (1760 ft.; 536m) tested in real-world settings with trees, buildings, walls, and vehicles for an accurate measure of wireless range. Weatherproof Motion sensors—works well in rain or snow!
Multi-functional Receiver: The included receiver also works as a clock and alarm with completely adjustable chimes! Customize your chimes, sounds, volumes, and more!
Rechargeable & Expandable Sensor: With the solar panel, the sensor is equipped with a rechargeable battery for up to 24 months on a full charge! Easily adjust the sensor’s sensitivity to avoid interference like leaves or small animals, or expand your security zone to up to 8 additional sensors!
Super Easy To Install And Customize: Install this wireless outdoor motion alert system in just a few minutes! Simply place your sensor(s) (expands up to 8) anywhere on your property, and get a customized in-home chime the second a person, vehicle or large animal moves within 30 feet of your detection zone! For more information, please read the included instructions and Quick Start Guide carefully before use.
[100% Satisfaction ] Love it or your money back! We provide a lifetime service for our outdoor motion sensor. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your purchase.

False alarm, but there is nothing in front of the sensor when we check it
Cause 1: The sensitivity may be too high, causing little things like leaves or flies to be detected – Disassemble the sensor, and switch the sensitivity to a lower


Cause 2:The sun is shining directly into the sensor’s eye. The sunlight may be increasing the sensor’s temperature leading to false alarms – Install the sensor in another place that avoids direct sunlight from entering the sensor eye

No alarm: people walk in front of the sensor, but the sensor isn’t making noise
Cause 1: The sensitivity is too low – Disassemble the sensor, and switch the sensitivity to a higher level

Cause 2: The angle of the sensor is not appropriate – Adjust the angle by using the sensor’s ball-joint

The battery life of the sensor is short, will power off soon
Cause 1: The sensor was installed before being fully charged – After receiving the package, please fully charge the sensor before beginning installation

Cause 2: The sensor has been placed in a high-traffic area; it may detect too many movements in a short amount of time – Please install the sensor in an area with lower traffic. Areas with hightraffic where many people are walking are not ideal for placement

The sensor can’t work
Cause 1: The sensor isn’t connecting with the inside battery – Please check the battery connection inside the sensor

Cause 2: The battery of the sensor has run down – Please recharge the sensor by using the included AC adapter

Cause 3: The sensor has been turned OFF and has not been turned back on – Press&Hold the POWER button to turn on the sensor