High Durability & Strength Screw Piles designed for Southern Manitoba Soil
Quick and Easy Helical Screw Piles for all foundation needs.
City of Winnipeg Approved Helical/Screw Piles
4000 LBS Helical Piles
Dimensions: 1.5″ X 1.5″
Height 6′
Flight 8.9″

Wilson Ground Anchors are used to support decks, storage sheds, solariums and sunrooms, greenhouses, fences, and as permanent or temporary tie-downs.
They are all 8 feet in length and support from 2300lbs to 5000 lbs safe working load. Available in single helix or double helix. Wilson Ground Anchors are a quality product manufactured right here in Manitoba. Wilson anchors have been tested and engineered to meet the building code requirements for Manitoba. Wilson anchors are also registered with the city of Winnipeg.

Other Screw Pile key information
4,000 to 32,000 (lb.) load rated.
City of Winnipeg and CCMC approved.
Engineer certified.