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Down Black Granite 1/4″
A striking dark grey stone from ¼” down to dust, can be used for decorating or in flowerbeds, it can also be used for nearly anything; decorative stone around the garden, house border, pool, pond, aquarium decoration, etc.
Black Granite, since it has a black colour, can carry out a variety of different looks that other stones simply can’t.

– Black Granite Stone can be used as a house border. Combined with a few plants, Black Granite will accent the features of your house, and its unique and beautiful design will catch the attention of anyone passing by.
– Decorating flower beds, gardens, and tree beds with Black Granite will add so much personality and depth to your landscape, especially if you can combine the Black Granite with white and red stones.
– Black Granite is an excellent stone to use for ponds, fish ponds, aquariums, and fountains. Using it as a pond bed will give your pond a unique, night-sky look.
– Black Granite is also an excellent cover-up for areas in your yard where grass just won’t grow. Instead of grass, you’ll have a very unique space that adds depth to the overall landscape.
Black Granite represents quality and elegance, so although it can be used in many different creative ways, it’s usually recommended to use Black Granite Stone for modern aesthetics. However, once again, the extent of your creativity is the only limit!