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Very fine clean sand, contains only a few pebbles. Commonly used for masonry sand, mortar sand for brick and block/stone work. Masonry sand is used for many different home and landscaping projects. While it’s made of the same quarry rock as other sands, it’s carefully processed to achieve a fine, uniform texture.

Mason sand (also called masonry sand or mortar sand) is a fine sand often used in construction. This sand features grains of uniform size, giving it a smooth look and feel.
It gets its name because it is commonly used in masonry work. However, mason sand is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of projects.
Most commercial sands, including mason sand, are created by crushing solid rocks in a quarry.
The exact makeup of any sand will vary depending on where and how it is sourced. Granite, quartz, limestone, and gneiss are all commonly used to make mason sand.