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Crushed and Screened Limestone
Used in concrete, landscape and drainage applications

This is 3/4″ pieces of loose clean crushed limestone rock. It will not pack. Rather, it stays loose providing more drainage. It is used for filling in under decks, if you want the water to run through, around the house or topping up an existing driveway. 3/4″ Clear is a crushed, washed limestone gravel that is most commonly used for drainage. This product can be used as a base under concrete pads, under and around weeping tile, under decks, or as decorative ground cover.
Generally, the gravel for driveways should be between about 3/8 and 3/4 inches in diameter. They should be larger as compared to gravel that is used in pathways. Moreover, you need to consider the number of fines or the small granular material in the gravel.

The best gravel size for a steep driveway is angular gravel about ¾–2 inches (2–5 cm) in length. #3 and #57 crushed stone are the best choices. These medium-sized, angular gravels will stay in place well on a slope, have great drainage properties, and will resist sliding.